Cardiff St.David's Rotary Club

Chartered 18th October 1983
District 1150


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Uganda/Rotary Doctor Bank


Dress Code


1.   For the summer months (after handover-Mid July to early September) Club members can adopt a 'casual' approach to dress code. It is the responsibility of each individual to determine what is appropriate for each occasion.

2.   There are certain occasions throughout the year which are defined as 'Formal' e.g. Club Presidential Installation, where it is the tradition to dress formally. These are defined as 'Black Tie'. When an event is decreed to be 'Black Tie' then the dress code for Men is for Dinner Jacket (Tuxedo) and Black Tie and for Ladies Evening Dress.

3.   For other designated formal events e.g. Business Persons Lunch, then the dress code for Men is for ‘Lounge Suits' with a Tie or Jacket/Blazer, formal trousers and Tie (either are acceptable) and for Ladies an appropriate Smart Outfit.

4.   For normal weekly meetings the dress code is 'Smart Casual' which for Men requires Jacket/Blazer and formal trousers but no specific requirement for a Tie. Ladies would wear an appropriate outfit to correspond to this less formal approach.

5.   When representing the club outside of normal meetings, if a specific dress code has not been defined then it is up to the individual to determine what is most appropriate for the occasion.

6.   All members should take every opportunity to wear their Rotary pin badges whenever possible.

7.  Guidance will be provided from Council or those club members responsible for organizing Club activities as to what aspect of the above Dress Code is appropriate to each particular event.

8.    It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that any guest/partner is aware of the dress code requirement for any particular event.