Cardiff St.David's Rotary Club

Chartered 18th October 1983
District 1150


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Children and Vulnerable Person Protection Policy


The RIBI Policy Statement:

"1t is the duty of every Rotarian to safeguard to the best of their ability the welfare of and to prevent the physical, sexual or emotional abuse of all children, elderly, disabled or otherwise vulnerable persons with whom they come into contact during their Rotarian duties"

Cardiff St David's Policy

This Rotary Club fully endorses the RIBI policy. The following core guidelines have been determined to provide members with a considered environment for our work in the community with children or vulnerable persons

Guidelines for Working with Children or Vulnerable Persons:

1.         The Club should research very cautiously all aspects of safety before adopting any project where Rotarians are taking a primary responsibility for the care of children or vulnerable persons.

2.         When Club activities involve contact with any children or vulnerable persons, their protection is a priority responsibility and they must be treated with respect and care at all times.

3.         No Club activity should require or allow a situation where a sole Rotarian is unaccompanied when with a child or vulnerable person.

4.Where children or vulnerable persons are to be transported by car or minibus, more than one Rotarian must be with the vehicle.

5.         Club Council must be satisfied with the arrangements before commitment can be given for any project concerning children or vulnerable persons.