Cardiff St.David's Rotary Club

Chartered 18th October 1983
District 1150


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Attendance is one of the most important principles guiding our Club.  If we are the right Club for the individual to attend, then doing so will be a pleasure. Members will not want to miss a meeting and will be keen to bring their friends.

The attendance register, as well as being a simple note of those attending, is used to guide Council in choosing our social programme and speakers.  It also has use in enabling the Club to offer assistance to those who may be having difficulty in making attendance.

The Rotary Constitution requires members to attend 60% of possible meetings, and not to miss more than 3 in succession.

It is often interesting to visit another club to ‘make-up’ attendance in the period 14 days either side of the meeting. It provides an opportunity to make new acquaintances and to seek ideas which may be of use to our own club. In any case members should attend at least 30% of our own club meetings in each half year.

Other ways of making up attendance are by attending a:

  • Rotaract or Interact meeting
  • Convention of RI, Council on Legislation, an RIBI assembly
  • District Assembly
  • District Committee meeting
  • Council meeting
  • Service committee meeting to which the member is assigned
  • Meeting outside the country of residence

Attendance can also be awarded if the member is present at a regular club meeting place, but no meeting is held, or if the member attends and participates in a club service project or a club sponsored community event, or meeting authorised by Council.

In all of these cases the member should make an appropriate note on the attendance sheet at the next meeting.

Club Council has quite wide powers to continue a Rotarians membership when they fall short on attendance. They will however want to understand that the member has good cause to be absent and that there is a clear commitment to contribute to the club in the not too distant future. Of course, the contributions that an individual has made to the club outside of the regular meetings will be taken into consideration.

It does help the Membership Secretary and the Council, that when absences of 4 weeks or more are contemplated, that the member applies via the Secretary for Leave of Absence. This can be by e-mail and needs to state simply the dates involved and the reason for the absence. The granting of Leave of Absence operates to prevent forfeiture of membership.

There is no need for members to request leave of absence when the period involved is three weeks or less, though members need to register their apologies with the Chairperson of House.

There are occasions during the year when "appeals" are made at meetings and those attending that meeting are encouraged to contribute.  So that members contribute in some way during their absence, Council will deduct a donation to the Trust Fund of £1 for each meeting a member does not attend. This will not be collected by the Treasurer in cases of long term sickness.