Cardiff St.David's Rotary Club

Chartered 18th October 1983
District 1150


Membership information
Uganda/Rotary Doctor Bank


Charity Trust


1.      The Trustees of this Trust are the following officers of the Rotary Club.

  Klaus Peter Ernst Kolb the President
  Michael Isaac Barnett the President-elect for the ensuing year
  Ronald William Ley the Secretary
  Kenneth David William Truman the Treasurer


  and their successors for the time being in office.

2.      THE Trustees hereby declare that the Trustees shall hold and apply the Trust Fund and all other which may from time to time be received by the Trustees (whether such monies shall arise from donations, bequests, Deeds of Covenant or from any other source), and also the investments for the time being representing the same (all of which are hereinafter included in the expression "the Trust Fund") UPON TRUST to apply both the capital and income thereof to or for the relief of the poor and needy or to or for such other charitable purpose, institution, society or object as the Club shall in duly constituted meeting from time to time direct

3.      ANY part of the capital or income of the Trust Fund which may not for some time being be immediately required for any purpose aforesaid may until so required be invested by the Trustees in or upon any investments for the time being authorised by law for the investment of trust money with power to vary such investments for others of a like nature.

4.      SUBJECT to any direction by the Club the Trustees may if they think fit without being liable for the exercise of such discretion retain any investments (provided they do not involve any liability for calls) or other personal property which may from time to time be given or bequeathed to the Trust Fund though not being investments authorised to be acquired hereunder or may disclaim any such property and may accept and retain or refuse any new shares stocks debentures or debenture stock in any company which may be allocated to them in respect of any investments retained as aforesaid and the Trustees shall not be liable for any loss which may occur by reason of any such retainer acceptance or refusal.

5.      THE Trustees shall open a bank account or bank accounts in the name of the Trust Fund at such bank as they may from time to time decide. All cheques shall be signed by any two of the Trustees for the time being of the Trust Fund.

6.      IN addition to the ordinary indemnity given by law to Trustees the Trustees shall not incur any liability in acting on any direction in writing given to them by the Club, signed by the Club President, but may assume unless the contrary appear that every such direction was given at a duly constituted meeting of the Club in accordance with the by-laws for the time being in force and that all formalities conditions and inquiries prescribed by the same were duly complied with.

7.      IN the event of the Club being dissolved or of the Club resolving to discontinue the Trust Fund the Trustees shall hold the Trust Fund upon trust to transfer the same to such similar charitable institutions and societies or apply it to or for such similar charitable objects as the Club shall in duly constituted meeting direct.

8.            i)    THE Club and/or the person or persons in whom the statutory power is vested shall have power by resolution to appoint the persons to the new Trustees of the Trust Fund but such person shall be members of the Club and shall signify acceptance of such appointment to act as Trustees by signature of the Trustees Minute book.
               ii)   ANY Trustee who ceases to be a member of the Club shall cease to be a Trustee.
iii)    THE Club may at any time by resolution remove a Trustee from the Trusteeship of this deed for any reason which may appear to the Club to be good and sufficient and without assigning any reason. The Trustee so removed shall have the right to be heard and if the removal is confirmed shall for the purpose of the exercise of the statutory power of appointing new Trustees be treated as if he were dead.
iv)    ANY deed executed by the persons in whom the statutory power is vested shall in favour of a Purchaser or other person acquiring any interest for money or money's worth be deemed to have been executed in accordance with the resolution of the Club and shall be taken to be valid in all respects.

9.      IN this Deed where the context so requires or admits the expression "The Trustees" shall include the Trustees or Trustee for the time being hereof.